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Bert’s Barrow drive-thru

We’ve often championed Bert’s Barrow farm shop a stone’s throw from the A63 on the road to Hillam for their total commitment to truly local Yorkshire produce. Now, Charlotte and Jason have gone the extra mile by concerting their farm shop to a drive-through with their staff and customers self-isolated throughout.

What’s more, the demand for the Yorkshire produce they take such pride in is reaching household way beyond their pre-Coronavirus demand for veg boxes. Now with standardised veg boxes and other produce too, they are at the forefront of many a family’s local shopping experience.

Yorkshire Food Finder’s Sue Nelson is now using the ingredients of the week’s offerings of the £10 veg box to provide recipes to make the most of the box with a few added staple ingredients from many a family’s store cupboard and fridge. The recipes of the week will be available from both Bert’s Barrow and here at Lock Down – Eat up. One things for sure, local seasonal produce will be taking centre stage.

Deservedly, the drive through at Bert’s Barrow has already featured on BBC Radio York and in the Yorkshire Post. No doubt, Charlotte and Jason’s innovative approach to helping people eat well will attract more plaudits before the Coronavirus emergency is behind us.

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