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Hash reds

Updated: May 15, 2020

You’ve heard of hash browns… well, now there’s hash reds! If you end up with leftovers from that lovely red salad you knocked up, don’t waste it. You can turn it into a lovely bowl of spuds, bubble and squeak style, that makes a great side dish. The potatoes are also in this week’s Bert’s Barrow veg box and are harvested less than a mile from their farm.

Top it with cheese as I’ve done here and flash it under the grill, or serve it with a fried egg on top to soak up all that lockdown tonsil tonic you’ve been slurping….

Sue Nelson


01904 448439 / 07850 327927 Toft Acres, 89 Back Lane South Wheldrake, York YO19 6DT

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