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Sue’s in the kitchen….

While I have put Yorkshire Food Finder into hibernation for the foreseeable future, I plan that we will be back in style when it’s possible for guests to enjoy our guided gourmet food trails, pop-up dinners and all the other events with which I would usually be involved are up and running again.

….Just as much as usual because all of Yorkshire’s fabulous food and drink producers are doing their best to make sure we can all enjoy the season’s bounty despite the lock down that’s in force at the moment. Maybe now that many of you have more time to get back to the basics. you will find my tips and suggestions helpful. If you like to work with the recipe in hand, I’ll be including some I’am building around what I’m able to get locally. Indeed, though supermarkets have their place, I’m – more than usual – trying to reduce my dependence on them as they really struggle to bring their supply chain into balance following unnecessary binge buying.

There might not be a 162nd Great Yorkshire Show this year but it will bounce-back as it did after the county was scarred by foot and mouth disease in 2001. Likewise, I’m already looking ahead to the time when I can once again plan my diary around farmers markets, food festivals and visiting food and drink producers across the broad acres that are God’s own county.

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