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Mergeuz pasta with mint pesto

Updated: May 15, 2020

Yorkshire butcher Paul Potts is a true independent. All of the meat for his business, Food 2 Remember in the lovely Talbot Yard in Malton, is locally sourced, most of it coming from within 10 miles of his shop. And where it doesn’t, he knows exactly where it’s come from and how the animals have been reared.

It might be the beginning of the Easter weekend but he’s not selling the habitual leg of lamb – rather, he’s selling hogget which is from beasts between one and two years old, simply because it has so much more flavour.

One of his fabulous year-round products from local hogget is the amazing mergeuz sausage he makes which packs a powerful punch of Middle Eastern spices. Here at Yorkshire Food Finder we love it, and this recipe makes the most of its kick-butt flavours. We’ll be featuring more recipes featuring Paul’s products in the coming days and weeks. Enjoy!

Sue Nelson Founder

01904 448439 / 07850 327927 Toft Acres, 89 Back Lane South Wheldrake, York, YO19 6DT

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